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The Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to the Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce and the City of Mauldin.  The Chamber is here to serve the residents, businesses and visitors to the Greater Mauldin Area.  Our mission is to enhance the quality of life while working to ensure the future prosperity of our community through a unified voice.  We are working to promote growth and development in making Mauldin a better place to live, work, worship, learn and conduct business.
The City of Mauldin has a very diverse population which provides many opportunities for businesses and industry. Mauldin has a mix of industry, corporate centers, health care, banking and many small businesses that make up the overall business climate of the City and the Chamber. 
The Chamber and the City of Mauldin have a strong relationship of working together for the good of our businesses and the community.  The Chamber works with the City to provide a strong economic environment and a strong community that encourages growth and entrepreneurship.  Both the City and the Chamber have Strong Leaders, Business Owners, Educators and Residents that have invested in creating a healthy community for all of its citizens.
The Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce plays a vital role in promoting the City and Businesses in the area. Serving as the official Welcome Center the Chamber Staff are the first point of contact.  This is our opportunity to show businesses and potential residents all of the many advantages of living and working in the City of Mauldin.
The Greater Mauldin Chamber encourages our business community to join the Chamber and be a part of this growing organization.  The Chamber offers many networking events, lunch and learns and seminars to help promote your business.  It is through the support of our business community as members of the Chamber, providing Sponsorships and supporting Chamber initiatives, that has made the Greater Mauldin Chamber one of the best in the Upstate.
I encourage you to support the businesses that are listed in the Directory as they too are supporting the goals of the Chamber.
Please drop by the Chamber office to say hello.  We look forward to working with you.


The Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce, Inc. was charterd on October 19,1982. The purpose of the 501 (c),(6) nonprofit organization as stated on the Certificate of Incorporation is as follows:
“The purpose of the said proposed Corporation is to promote, develop, encourage and profit the commercial, professional, financial and general business interest of the City of Mauldin.”
The original officers appointed to supervise and manage the Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce were Wilbur K. Greer, President; Lynn Farmer, Treasurer; Tim Brett, Secretary; and Martin Holder, Board Member.
Since the inception of the Mauldin Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber membership has grown to 400 members (as of 04/18/2008). The Board of Directors has expanded to account for twenty-two active Board members with a total of twenty voting Board members. The Mauldin Chamber prides itself on the diveristy of its Board makeup, consisting of small business owners to large corporation professionals, from bankers to marketing professionals, from companies residing in the Golden Strip area to downtown Greenville. The Chamber’s Board of Directors diversity supplies a steady stream of diverse ideas and strategies on Chamber management, area development, and overall quality of life and work in the greater Mauldin area.

Greater Mauldin Chamber of Commerce Membership Statistics:


• Approximately 40% of the Mauldin Chamber members employ more than 11 employees.
• More than 70 different business categories are members of the chamber.
• 13 different cities are represented by chamber members.
• 95% of Chamber members have a Mauldin, Greenville or Simpsonville address

 Mission: to serve the Greater Mauldin Area as an advocate for the successful growth and development of local businesses, large and small; nurturing entrepreneurship; and unifying the community.

 Vision: to offer events, training opportunities, and community involvement activities to enhance your relationship with the public, promote your philosophy, empower your workforce, and strengthen Mauldin’s economy to provide a more conducive environment for successful businesses.